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Elegoo Saturn S MSLA 4K Monochrome LCD Resin 3D Printer 192x122x210mm

Elegoo Saturn S MSLA 4K Monochrome LCD Resin 3D Printer 192x122x210mm


  • Build volume: 196 x 122 x 210 mm
  • Matrix light source
  • Fast printing
  • 4K monochrome LCD
  • 4098 x 2560 resolution

As the successor to the popular Elegoo Saturn, the first LCD 3D printer from Elegoo with a monochrome LCD, the Saturn S impresses with improved features and faster printing times. Due to its large construction volume, the MSLA-3D printer is particularly suitable for users who want to create large-format models.

The main features of the Elegoo Saturn S at a glance

  • Build volume: 196 x 122 x 210 mm
  • 4K monochrome LCD display
  • 4098 x 2560 - 4K resolution
  • Matrix light source made up of 54 UV LEDs
  • Faster printing speeds
  • USB port
  • ChiTuBox slicing software
  • Exchangeable activated charcoal filter
  • Stable dual linear rail
  • Improved adhesion

Faster printing / 4K monochrome LCD display

The 9.1-inch 4K monochrome LCD display and a resolution of 4098 x 2560 reduce the printing time to 2-3 seconds per layer. At the same time, the Saturn S achieves vivid details and precise end results. The low energy consumption and low heat dissipation also extend the life of the mono LCD threefold.

Larger build volume / increased printing efficiency

With a large-format print volume of 196 x 122 x 210 mm / 7.71 x 4.80 x 8.26 inches, you can print larger, complex structural parts or several small 3D models at the same time. This increases your printing efficiency significantly.

Higher printing accuracy/matrix light source

The matrix light source consisting of 54 UV LEDs emits an optimal uniform light beam with a wavelength of 405 nm for fast prototyping and ensures a smooth surface of the 3D-printed model.

Super stable structure / dual linear rails

The dual linear rails ensure more stable movements and an accuracy of 0.00125 mm. The risk of layer shifts is significantly reduced.

Pleasant printing experience / exchangeable activated charcoal filter

The exchangeable activated charcoal filter on the USB port absorbs and filters the resin odour and the pungent vapours effectively and thus allows you a refreshing printing experience.

ChiTuBox slicing software

8x anti-aliasing ensures a smoother print surface. The .ctb format also reduces the file size in slices by an average of 90%.

Kit Includes:
3D printer incl. UV cover & build platform
Resin container
Power supply & cables
Mini air purifier
Tools (scraper, pliers)
Levelling paper
USB stick
User Guide
Replacement screws

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