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eSUN Bio-Resin Flexible eResin Flex

eSUN Bio-Resin Flexible eResin Flex


 eSUN Flexible Bio-Resin / eResin have a very wide range of reactivity. UV wavelengths of up to 420nm. By incorporating a blend of photo-initiators, monomers & sensitizers, almost any UV light source can be used to initiate the polymerisation process of eSun resins.

  • Suitable for most mSLA printers/ UV LCD printers.
  • High Flex , no breakage after multiple folds
  • High tough rating
  • Better tear resistance 
  • Faster Printing Speed
  • Low odor (Ester-like)
  • Easy clean-up with isopropyl alcohol
  • Comes in 500ml bottle
  • Shrinkage vol: 6.9%
  • Can be used in printing fields like e.g. flexible wear/shoe models/sports grip
eSUN provides consistent and innovate resins for everyday use in 3D printing technology. eSUN's Flexible Bio-Resin / also known as eFlex or eResin Flex is manufactured using PU (polyurethane acrylate UV curing resin) which is derived from Plant-based renewable resource. 


Recommended settings are as follows/ or do follow as per manufacturer's recommendation:

  • Optimal printing temperature: 25 to 35 °C
  • Lift-speed: within 60mm /min
  • Exposure:  >10sec
  • Cure: Under direct sunlight for 30min in water /or 15mins under UV LED 
  • The rising height is more than 8mm after exposure of each layer. The rising speed is within 60 mm/min. The waiting time between two exposure is more than 10s

 Properties of Post-Cured Material (as per manufacturer's data)




Shore A


ASTM D 2240


Tensile strength MPa

ASTM D 412


Elongation at break/%

ASTM D 412


Tearing Strength/kN·m-1

ASTM D 624


Compression Set/%

ASTM D 395



GB/T 6750-1986



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