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Seek Thermal CompactXR Imaging Camera IR Infrared Imager Android and IOS Version

Seek Thermal CompactXR Imaging Camera IR Infrared Imager Android and IOS Version

$539.99 $560.00

Available for iPhone® and Android
  • Transform your smartphone or tablet into an outdoor thermal camera with a 206 x 156 thermal sensor to help you find people and animals at night or in low visibility
  • Find people and animals at dawn, dusk, and over long distances where visible light is limited. Extra range detection also increases your visual perception and awareness to improve personal safety
  • Perfect tool for the outdoorsman, hunter, or anyone searching for people and animals
  • Does not require batteries or charging. Waterproof case included.
  • Free Seek mobile app from Google Play Store & Apple App Store
  • SPECS: 206 x 156 Thermal Sensor, 20° Field of View, < 9 Hz Frame, Focusable Lens, -40°C to 330°C Detection Range, Captures Photos & Videos, Spot Temperature, High-Low Temperature, Threshold Mode, 9 Color Palettes
  • Seek CompactXR is a highly portable, versatile and durable thermal imaging camera that plugs directly into your smartphone. This device translates thermal energy (infrared light) into a visible image on your phone.
  • CompactXR’s narrow, 20 degree field of view is ideal for outdoor use, providing a detection range of up to 1800 feet, nearly twice the range of the Seek Compact.

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Extra Range Thermal Imaging
CompactXR utilizes a narrow field-of-view lens to nearly double the viewing distance compared to Compact

  • 206 x 156 Thermal Sensor
  • 20° Field of View
  • < 9 Hz Frame Rate
  • 1,800 ft. Detection Distance
  • Focusable Lens
  • -40°C to 330°C Detection
  • Waterproof Case Included
  • Photos & Videos
  • Spot Temperature
  • High-Low Temperature
  • Threshold Mode
  • 9 Color Palettes
  • Auto Mode Only
  • Auto Emissivity

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Package Includes

1 x Seek Thermal Compact XR Infrared Imager
1 x Waterproof Carry Case
1 x User Manual

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