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Dymo Rhino M1011 Metal Tape Embossing System Kit

Dymo Rhino M1011 Metal Tape Embossing System Kit

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  • Model S0720090 
  • This durable labeler embosses stainless steel and aluminum labels that resist corrosion from extreme weather, temperature, chemical, or UV exposure.
  • Built-in hole-punch for creating hanging labels, cable-tie slot punch, and measuring gauge to set leading and trailing label edge length.
  • Easy-to-use cutting handle cuts square or rounded edges. Rugged cast aluminum frame withstands tough working conditions. Uses 1/2-inch metal labels.
  • Deep emboss ensures excellent character legibility. Print mirror script labels with included reverse-image character wheel.
  • Kit includes embosser, character wheel, reverse-image character wheel, 1/2-inch non-adhesive aluminum and stainless steel labels, and hard carry case.

M1011 Metal Tape Embosser

Robust classic embossing tool for heavy-duty labelling jobs in the factory or on-site, providing easy and permanent cable identification. The 320mm long x 130mm wide x 120mm high tool has a circular window, a pointer (for quick and unambiguous character selection) and a spring-loaded label cutter with integral safety guard. Character height is 4.76mm. The marking process produces a permanent, deep surface mark which is resistant to weather extremes, high levels of UV light and corrosion.

Features & Benefits

  • Hole punch size 2.5mm diameter
  • Offers facility to produce easy, on-the-spot cable ties
  • Cuts tape with rounded edges, for safety, and has knob to adjust embossing depth


  • Mainly used where cable marking is required to have resistance to extremes of weather, temperature and corrosion
  • Used for salt water applications, tagging of pipes, underground cables, greasy engine components and manufacturing equipment
  • Reversed image wheel facilitates use on moulds or casts for metal or rubber injection, silicon casting and fibreglass applications

This item is currently restocking. It may take up to 3 weeks to ship.

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