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Anycubic Wash and Cure Max

Anycubic Wash and Cure Max

$650.00 $699.00

ANYCUBIC wash & cure max can hold up to 14.9 liters and a maximum cure size of 300*165*300mm

The adoption of two brand-new modes of spray rinsing and detail dipping ensures efficient and thorough cleaning to 3d prints. Spray cleaning eliminates residual resin from the print surface with powerful mechanical jets, while dip rinsing effectively removes resin from intricate details on the underside, cleaning in one pass.

Wash & Cure Max's full cleaning process requires only 4L of detergent to be prepared and can be recycled with no direct contact throughout, saving more than 50% on detergent compared to traditional wash and cure station. One bucket of detergent supports the cleaning of 20 models of 10.1" height, and the loss of alcohol in a single cleaning process is less than 50ml.

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