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Kingly Industrial Thermal Transfer Labels - Permanent Adhesive

Kingly Industrial Thermal Transfer Labels - Permanent Adhesive

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    Kingly Industrial Thermal Transfer Labels - Permanent Adhesive

    • Thermal transfer delivers crisp, high-definition text, graphic and barcode print quality for maximum readability and scannability.
    • Thermal transfer printing produces long-life image stability.
    • Thermal transfer enables batch or single label printing with virtually no waste.
    • Long-term maintenance costs are low compared to dot matrix, ink jet and laser printing.
    • Thermal transfer technology can print on a nearly unlimited variety of media stock (except multi-form).
    • Thermal transfer printers are typically built more durably than dot matrix or laser printers, allowing reliable operation in industrial as well as office applications


    • Since thermal transfer printers require ribbon, supply costs are higher than direct thermal; however, thermal transfer print heads last longer than direct thermal print heads.
    • Single-pass thermal transfer ribbon can be wasteful if little is printed on it.
    • Thermal transfer ribbon is a poor candidate for recycling.
    • To obtain optimum print quality in thermal transfer printing, the ribbon and media substrate MUST be compatible. Otherwise, the heat from the print head could melt the ribbon onto the label causing internal printer problems.

    Thermal transfer printing offers top results for barcode, product and shipping information printing. In this method, a hot print head melts a wax ribbon onto the blank printing label. The result is a rugged, permanent print that is more than adequate for abrasive, demanding environments like shipping and mass storage. Our 3-inch core thermal transfer labels remain a popular choice for all types of applications. All types are compatible with Zebra printers and most industrial-sized printers.

    Delivery lead time may vary and may take up to 2 weeks as some sizes are made to order.

    Please check with us prior purchasing if you have any questions.

This item is currently restocking. It may take up to 3 weeks to ship.

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