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Newland HR32-BT 2D Wireless Barcode Scanner

Newland HR32-BT 2D Wireless Barcode Scanner


Equipped with a mega-pixel barcode scanner, the HR32-BT from Newland can read virtually any 1D or 2D barcodes, from small 1D codes to high-density 2D codes.

The clear green aiming line identifies the exact position of the scan beam so even stacked codes can be read with ease and accuracy. The smart base station can be easily adjusted between two positions enabling it to be wall mounted or set up for hands-free scanning. With communication between scanner and base station being good for up to 50m, the HR32-BT is ideal for static application where the clutter of cables is not desired or applications where the freedom to move in and around a workspace while ensuring live feed back to the base station is required.

The HR32-BT not only works with the base station within the 50m radius, but when out of range its large memory capacity allows it to work in batch mode and store up to 15,000 standard EAN barcodes for transmission when back in range.

Outstanding Performance

Whether you are roaming around the shop floor or taking stock inventory, cordless data collection just got even simpler. The HR32 BT scanner is equipped with a megapixel camera to read virtually all 1D or 2D barcodes in any condition.

From long or truncated 1D codes to larger and more high-density 2D codes.

Reliable Wireless Communication

The Bluetooth 5.0 low energy helps you work for longer. With a full charge lasting up to 15 hours, you’ll no longer need to be interrupted in your scanning activities. Achieving 50m communication distances with the latest Bluetooth version, this makes for versatile use in tight workspaces and the outer corners of your stock floor. A switch to pure data collection is also easily established. In batch collection mode, the scanner can store up to 15.000 barcodes.

Multiple pairing of up to seven devices to a single cradle minimizes necessary hosts.

Exceptional Battery Life

With 2200mAh batter, it will run comfortably for 12 hours of continuous use. 

Durable Construction

Built into an IP42-sealed and drop resistant (1.2m) housing with no moving parts, fortifies itself inside and out.

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