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Original Prusa XL CoreXY 3D Printer (Pre-Order)

Original Prusa XL CoreXY 3D Printer (Pre-Order)


The Original Prusa XL is the latest version of a CoreXY 3D printers that are made in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Original Prusa XL is a large-scale CoreXY 3D printer with a build volume of 36×36×36 cm. Comes with Dual Printhead, with an optional tool changer with up to 5 independent tool heads, automatic first layer calibration for an always-perfect first layer, and many smart features, the XL enables you to print massive objects with ease.

Original Prusa XL is scheduled to ship out Q2 2024

  • Printer design: Core XY
  • Build volume: 36×36×36 cm
  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm, wide range of thermoplastics supported (including, but not limited to PLA, PETG, ASA, ABS…)
  • Extruder: Zero-backlash cycloidal 20:1 gearbox with no-slip drive gear, Load Cell sensor
  • Tool Changer with up to 5 tool heads (optional upgrade via built-in expansion port)
  • Bed: Segmented heat-bed with 16 individually controlled segments
  • Print surface: Removable magnetic steel sheets with different surface finishes
  • Electronics: 32-bit custom-made board with an expansion slot, single-cable communication with tool heads, network features, one-click printing
  • Mesh Bed Levelling: Load Cell-based fully automatic first layer calibration with no Live Z adjustment
  • Power panic: Hardware-based, single G-Code line accuracy
  • Ethernet connection: built-in

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