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Revopoint MIRACO - Standalone 3D Scanner

Revopoint MIRACO - Standalone 3D Scanner

$1,819.00 $2,609.90

  • Big and Small Object Scanning
  • Single-shot & Continuous Modes
  • Up to 0.02 mm precision, 0.05 mm accuracy
  • 48 Megapixel RGB Camera
  • Up to 2 hours of Scanning

All-in-one Scanning

Introducing our first standalone 3D scanner, the Revopoint MIRACO. It’s ready to support all your professional scanning needs. Whether you want to capture small or large items, its quad-Depth Camera system can do it all.

MIRACO’s Key Features

  • Up to 0.02 mm precision, 0.05 mm accuracy
  • Up to 15 fps Scanning Speeds
  • 8K Color Capture
  • Single-shot & Continuous
  • 180° Adjustable Screen
  • 9-axis IMU
  • Up to 2 Hours of Scanning
  • Only 750 g Light & Standalone

8-core 2.4GHz Processor
256 GB Hard Drive


Up to 5000 Frames for None Color Scans | Up to 4000 Frames for Color Scans

Up to 10000 Frames for None Color Scans | Up to 8000 Frames for Color Scans

* Maximum number of frames in a single scan.

Two Capture Modes

Single-shot Mode
  • Precise Tracking
  • High Accuracy
  • Minimal Point Cloud Overlap
  • Easier scans in hard-to-maneuver environments
Continuous Mode
  • Up to 15 FPS Scanning Speeds
  • Near and Far Mode Scanning

* Near-mode is great for capturing intricate details in specific areas or small objects, while Far-mode excels at quickly capturing entire objects.

No Cables, No PC Needed

Capture and Post-process Directly

Perform fusion, meshing, and editing without transferring your project to a PC

Simple Project Transfers with MIRACO’s lightning-fast Wi-Fi 6 or USB Type-C 3.1 connection

Screen Mirroring

Connect MIRACO to TVs or monitors, check models or present


Long Scans, Fast Charging

Up to 2 hours of scanning, 5000 mAh

Power up MIRACO to 80% in only 35 mins with 50W fast charging.

What’s in the Box?

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