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Zenius and Primacy Complete Cleaning Kit (ACL001T)

Zenius and Primacy Complete Cleaning Kit (ACL001T)

This item is currently restocking and may take up to 3-6 weeks to ship.


Key Features
  • 5 Adhesive cards, 5 Swabs and 1 T-shape cleaning card

Regular Cleaning Kit for Evolis Zenius / Primacy ID Card Printer

Mandatory cleaning of printer after 1,000 card insertions and advanced cleaning using T-Card when reaches 5,000 prints

Using Evolis supplies with your Evolis Zenius or Evolis Primacy Card Printer guarantees that you get optimal plastic card production results. This Evolis ACL001 Cleaning Kit contains 5 adhesive cards to clean your Zenius rollers and 5 alcohol cleaning swabs for the thermal printhead.

Keeping your Evolis Zenius or Primacy printer clean saves you money by extending the life of your print head and other moving parts. Fortunately, proper maintenance of your Evolis printer takes very little time.

This item is currently restocking. It may take up to 3 weeks to ship.

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